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<p>Convert your SATA I and II drives to a USB port output!  USBGear offers serial ATA drive enclosures that are plug and play enabled allowing you to take your drive where you need to. The USB Mobile Rack allows everyday SATA drives up to 500Gb to use USB 2.0 as an output.</p>
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USB Mobile Rack

SATA Mobile Rack with USB 2.0 Bridge Board Built In
Features :

This Mobile Rack enclosure will convert an internal 3.5" Standard SATA I or SATA II Hard Drive (20GB-500gb) to USB 2.0 Port output. MV-35SS is an USB 2.0 to PATA (SATA) Mobile Rack designed to enable plug-and-play operation for 3.5" hard disk drive (SATA) through the connection to USB 2.0 interface which is installed on a computer.

It allows users to easily swap 3.5" hard disk drive that is mounted in the Mobile Rack without interrupting the current operation. MV-35SS provides the perfect solution for data backup and transferring of data between computers using hard disk drives.

The CGS-35UKS combines two key components:

  1. USB 2.0 to SATA...
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usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source