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<p>Portable USB TV Dongle and adapter kits for receiving and recording HDTV with your cable TV.  Use the USB 2.0 compliant devices for both ATSC and NTSC for an extremely cost efficient way to watch and record your favorite programs.</p>
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Features :


  • External infrared remote control receiver
  • Car power adapter (DC/DC converter)
  • Cigarette/Cigar jack multiport
  • 3 female to female RCA-type adapters
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USB 2.0 Digital TV Receiver & Recorder HDTV NTSC ATSC QAM for Vista and XP!
Features :

AnyTV Digital / ATSC TV USB 2.0 stick

For Windows Vista and XP!

Analog TV + Digital TV = AnyTV!!!

Watch and record ATSC or Analog TV (NTSC, PAL and SECAM) on your Notebook or PC!!!

Manufacturing by famous EasyCap manufacturer!!!

Here comes digital era! Do you want to have a smart gadget which enables you to enjoy either digital or analog television? Simply plug in the AnyTV-ATSC Stick, you can easily have high quality picture of digital TV (ATSC) or analog programs on your PC or laptop!

The AnyTV-ATSC Stick has Time-Shifting function which enables you to pause live digital (ATSC) TV and continue wherever you paused. It also has s...
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USB 2.0 Digital TV Receiver/Recorder HDTV NTSC ATSC QAM for Vista and XP!
Features :

ADTVtwins ATSC(8VSB+QAM) & NTSC 2in1 TV USB dongle ADTVtwins--Digital TV(ATSC) and analog TV(NTSC) 2in1 USB allows you to watch ATSC(including cable TV) TV & NTSC TV programs via USB. ADTVtwins is the most cost-efficient solution for both new generation digital TV and traditional analog TV . ADTVtwins supports TV watching and recording in DVD quality. Features

  • Supports Digital TV (ATSC 8VSB)/Digital Cable TV (unencrypted QAM)/Analog TV (NTSC),
  • Supports HDTV Quality (up to 1920x1080)
  • Supports user friendly remote controller
  • Supports both Recording function in Timeshifting mode and Timeshifting function in Recording mode (concurrent...
    Part No. USBG-HDTV-2 | View Details

usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source