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<p>Do you need a SATA port multiplier or switch? USBGear carries SATA expanders to enable more system functionality to SATA devices. Switch SATA drives on or off to lock them down for security making sure data can’t be accessed by anyone except the key holder. Use our port multiplier to switch or prevent switching to various SATA devices being used.</p>
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SATA Switch

4 Port SATA III Switch 3.5inch Bay Mount Design With KeyLock and LED
Features :

SATA Hard Drive Switch with True SATA III Speed Electronics. (New SATA III 6Gbps speed available on all units sold after Jan 2013)
Works with All Operating Systems Including Linux, Windows 7/ 8 2008, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, MAC OS 10 Etc.

SW-SATA2X4 1-to-4 SATA2 Switch 3.5-in Bay 
SATA Hard Drive Switch

Did you ever want to share your Home Computer system with your Kids and or other family members but did not want to give them access to your important data files, with this item you can do just that, install up to 4 sata hard drives into your Home or Office Desktop Computer and now each of the drives can be accessed by different users without compromis...
Part No. SW-SATA2X4 | View Details

Replacement Keyset for SW-SATA2X4
Features :

This is a replacement keyset for the SW-SATA2x4 SATA Switch. Use this to replace your Key & lock if you've lost your SATA Switch's keys, or need to have a matching set (all keys under the SKU are 'keyed' the same) for Lab use.

Part No. SW-SATA2X4-KEYSET | View Details
SATA HUB Port Multiplier 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander - 3.5-in Bay w/Switches
Features :

COOLGear JMB321-SW4 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander, 3.5-in Bay with Switches

  • 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander for Switching 4 Devices On/Off
  • Provides a SATA host to Expand into 4 SATA Device Connectors
  • Built-in High Speed SATA2 Expander Controller
  • On or Off each Drive by the Push Button
  • Switch Supports Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap Feature
  • Supports RAID Feature with SATA2 Host Controller
  • SATA2 Compliant at 1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps
  • Switch Off Power of the Unused Drives to Save the Power Consumption and Put them Off-Line
  • Save the Current Settings by Built-in EEPROM
  • 3.5-inch Bay Form Factor, Easy to Fit in No...
    Part No. JMB321-SW4 | View Details

usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source