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Serial ATA 480
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SiI4726 Serial ATA 5 Port Multiplier with Steelvine RAID processor
Features :

SiI 4726 - 5 Drive SATA300 Provides 3Gb/s SATA performance over the single host SATA link 5 device SATA links, and can be configured for internal or external (eSATA) applications and supports hardw...
Part No. CGS-4726AB | View Details

SATA and IDE Hard Drive & Optical Drive USB Adapter Kit COMBO: Limited Edition Pro Series Aluminum Shell Version of this Adapter
Features :

Model No. USBG-PSATA Interface Serial ATA ; IDE ; USB2.0 Data Transfer Rate Transfer rate available for 480Mb/s Suitability 2.5", 3.5" ,5.25" Devices Hot Plug Supports Plug-play and ...
Part No. USBG-PSATA | View Details

4-Channel SATA II MultiLane PCI Bracket
Features :

4-channel SATA PCI Bracket Backplane, supporting an InfiniBand 4X multilane connector compatible with 3Ware" 8506-xxMI series multilane RAID HBA.

  • Provides four 7-pin Serial A...
    Part No. CGS-4ML4X1 | View Details
SATA Power and DATA Cable 22-Pin Molded Connector
Features :

SATA Power and DATA Cable 22-Pin Molded Connector 5 inch Power and 18 inch DATA SATA II 3Gbps Hi-Speed Tested and Certified

Part No. 518SS | View Details
SATA Multilane PCI adapter SATA I and SATA II rev.02
Features :

Perfect Bracket for ANY System that Requires 4X channel SATA II 3Gb/s MultiLane Connectivity. Tested with MAC G4 and G5 Systems as well as Most PC systems that require single PCI slot mounting. Nee...
Part No. ESATA-ML-4XiREV02 | View Details

MH IDE SATA150 Serial Cable 1 device, 39in
Features :

Serial ATA 150 Cable

  • Cable for Serial ATA 150 hard drives
  • Serial ATA interface
  • 1 device, 39in
Part No. 340717 | View Details
USB 3.0 / 2.0 to IDE/SATA adapter with Write-Protection
Features :

With support for the newest USB 3.0 version and the ability to write-protect data, it makes the perfect adapter for any tech bench and forensics workshop. Supporting the latest USB 3.0 design with ...
Part No. SS-127ASD | View Details

Mini SAS Host PCI Adapter Bracket SFF-8087-SFF-8088 36Hx2-26TX2
Features :

MX-PRO0H2 Mini SAS Adapter, Host Compliant with SFF-8087, SFF-8088 Specifications

  • Supports External SFF-8088 26-pin Connector
  • Supports Internal Host SFF-8087 36-pin Con...
    Part No. MX-PRO0H2 | View Details

usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source